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Happy Book Birthday: THE STORM GATHERS by Maelan Holladay

We are so excited for our third title to be out, and hope that have as much fun as we did following the wild adventures of Alana, Rae, and Nur in The Storm Gathers by Maelan Holladay.

Instead of doing a livestream, the author opted to do a Q&A, and we posted all of them under #askmaelan online across our different social media platforms.

The next few answers were on TikTok (which, for some reason, isn't letting us embed each video here, so you can click below to open up the hashtag in the app or on the site):

Unfortunately, Ko-fi doesn't allow for re-ordering items in an album so it—like TikTok—shows the posts in reverse chronological order (most recent first, and oldest last).

We hope you had fun celebrating the book release with us!

About the Book

Discover what Kirkus calls “an electric work of epic fantasy,” where allies are scarce and almost everyone will kill for power.

One day, my dear daughter, you will destroy the world.

After being forced from her home five years ago, Alana Zaya has finally been given the opportunity to return and claim her rightful place on the Okaron throne. When her voyage is waylaid by pirates, she soon finds herself stranded at sea, surrounded by strangers harboring dark secrets. But hers are perhaps the darkest of all.

Across the world, Rae Toma is a warrior who can’t walk away from a fight. After years of using her skills to rebel against the regime that trained her, her treachery is revealed, forcing her to flee into the Shatter—a maze of islands that no one has ever returned from.


There, she finds Nur Del Sue, a Stormwitch on a mission to prove herself in a world determined to ignore her.

Forced from their homes, can these characters survive long enough to uncover the deadly mysteries at the heart of their world?

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