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The Blood-Cursed

The Blood-Cursed eBook cover.png

In the explosive sequel to The Legionnaire, which Kirkus called a "grim, passionate tale that will scorch readers," relationships are tested, new villains are revealed, and tensions are raised to new heights.

When Saiden made her choice to join the rebellion against the queen she’d sworn to protect, she knew life in the kingdom of Kaizia would never be the same. Except the rebellion she helped win isn’t promoting the values she believes in and she’s running out of ideas to protect the people she cares about.


Mozare knows this isn’t the world he had been fighting for. Lost in the new era he helped bring about and desperate to right his wrongs, his only option is to protect the few people he has left, even if it means allying with another kingdom.


Follow Saiden’s search for peace and Mozare’s quest for redemption as they deal with scars, inside and out, that may never heal and try to keep everything they love from falling apart. Hope is a fragile thing, but it might be all that is left for them in the perilous political landscape of their new world.

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All preorders will receive 2 character art postcards.

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