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Cliffs of Wayward

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This sequel to Down The Well expands readers' view of King's fictional world (“excel[ling] at establishing settings” - Kirkus review of the series opener), weaves complicated relationships, and explores the all important question of: does your past define you?

Still eager to recover her memories and return to her own world, Lore Deoradán is bound for another adventure with the sassy mouse Mathilde and some new friends since she first fell down the well on her grandmother’s property.

After defeating a tyrannical and power-crazed Wielder in Charmsend, she is on her next adventure in Thimbleton. Lore and her companions must trust each other, confront one of their own’s questionable past, and survive climbing the grand Cliffs of Wayward.

Delve deeper into the world of Thimbleton, as Veronica King dives deeper into fan favorite characters, learn more about the history of a world where talking animals are normal, humans are extinct, and there is always someone with a secret.

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All preorders will receive 2 stickers and 1 art postcard designed by the author herself (after registering in the form below).

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