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It Is Done

After a long summer of drafting this rewrite ... it finally came to a conclusion yesterday Sept. 22nd. The feeling of relief is still washing over me as I now have a whole 8 days of relaxation to look forward to. The total words for this draft just spilled over 70k words which is a big improvement from the underwritten 35-40k of the draft prior.

I wouldn't have been able to complete this without the 10k Sunday stream I had that lasted almost 10 hours. There were so many close friends that joined on screen and in chat that I'm so grateful for, because without them I may have tapped out a lot sooner, so if that was you n your reading this thank you <3

With that in mind I plan on spending my break away from socials and focus on some other hobbies that bring joy like hand embroidery and getting back into reading, thanks to the many frens singing the praises of Libby.

I know preptober is 'round the corner, but for now I'm not thinking about what's ahead and instead opt to enjoy what falls within the now.

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