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The Short version

We're a growing publishing company dedicated to bringing you the best unique, compelling, and unforgettable stories from under-represented/marginalized voices.

About Us

The Long version

Founded by self-published author Zara Hoffman while a graduate student at the NYU Center for Publishing, Inimitable Books, LLC is a small, independent publisher with a simple mission: uplifting marginalized voices (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, those with disabilities, and other kinds) without pigeon-holing the authors into writing books about the trauma of those identities.

As an adopted Chinese woman living in an all-white family, Zara was exposed to racism from nursery through middle school. The COVID-19 pandemic brought anti-Asian racism into the limelight after years of being largely ignored by the country she calls home.


But she doesn't dwell on this part of her identity in her stories, of which she published 4 while the world was in different levels of lockdown and social distancing. Instead, she published the final book in her debut young adult paranormal romance trilogy and published the entirety of a new adult scifi romance trilogy in addition to writing some standalone novels (yet to be published).

It hasn't been a conscious choice of hers to avoid the topics of anti-Asian racism in her books but the stories that come to her are already formed in their genre, plot, and main character. Readers have enjoyed her books as they are, and she wants to give other authors the chance to tell any story they want to—not just contemporary ones that exploit their trauma.


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