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Everyone has a story

Are you an author with a story to tell and a unique take on the world due to being part of at least one marginalized identity (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, those with disabilites, and other kinds)? If your answer is yes, and you write MG, YA, Adult, or Erotica reach out to us! We're mostly looking for genre fiction (of any kind) but we're also open to memoirs.

Unagented authors are welcome to submit.

Your story does not need to address the social injustices you've faced, since there are many publishers who focus on issue stories, but you can include as much of it as you want in your book. It's up to you, and your eventual collaboration with our founder and editor, Zara Hoffman.

Include Content Warnings like "cw: graphic depiction of violence, sexual assault (not just rape, but any non-consensual contact), child abuse", etc.

Still interested in being published by us? Send a query to submissions@inimitablebooksllc.com in the body of an email. Messages with attachments will be deleted without being reviewed.