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PSA: Please stop pre-ordering our titles (for now)

This is a weird post to make. As a self-published author, our founder Zara Hoffman never thought fae would say this, and certainly not about anyone else’s titles under Inimitable Books, LLC.

All the reasons for this PSA is unfortunately still under lock and key, but if you were planning on preordering Samantha Traunfeld and Veronica King’s debut novels (a great plan) but haven’t already done so…please hold off because things are shifting heavily behind the scenes (for the better).

Links have been removed from the website to help this, but links are still connected via the Goodreads page. Speaking of, the best way to support the book is to add it to your Goodreads TBR so your friend circle and see the books and do the same.

If you have a account, add it there, too (Zara loves the site and wants to support it), but they don’t currently have a social aspect of the site to help with word of mouth like GR does.

If you have already preordered a copy (or copies)—let us say thank you for supporting a new publishing company and debut authors. Early supporters are the lifeblood of an author’s success. However, because of the shifting backend, these preorders might get lost and you will need to re-do it once we announce the go-ahead in the future (timing TBD).

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, but please be assured this is all to give the company and authors’ titles their best chance at financial success.

Thank you!

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