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Preorder Incentives

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who showed up with love and enthusiasm for my cover reveal, it never would have been as special without you. And for those of you who showed up to my live interview, I hope you had a great time, I definitely did.

I'm overwhelmed by the number of people who have already reached out to let me know they've preordered their copies, so I wanted to make sure that you all know about the wonderful preorder incentive we are offering to you, lovely reader.

With any preorder of the Legionnaire, you can receive three beautiful postcards I had commissioned of my characters from the lovely Georgina (@ginadonnelly_96 on Twitter and @georginadraws on Instagram).

If you want these lovely pieces of artwork for yourself make sure to send in your preorder receipt to the form below. And thank you again for preordering The Legionnaire, I can't wait for you to read it.

P.S. As of writing this post January 4th Georgina's commissions are open—if you want beautiful artwork of your characters, shoot her a message on her social media (above)!

Saiden, a Blood-Cursed legionnaire—blessed by both the God of Life and Goddess of Death—is a paradox. Called both “death-bringer” and “world-ender,” she is surprisingly careful about taking lives and proving herself to be a monster. Torn between her loyalty to her queen and the need to protect her people, Saiden struggles to decide who she is going to be in a world that has already cast her aside.

Queen Loralei is hiding the fact that she’s been blessed by the God of Life while navigating the manipulative and dangerous landscape of ruling a kingdom. When she discovers a mysterious prisoner in her dungeons, she begins to unravel a complicated plot that shadows her reign and would change the course of history.

Mozare, gifted by the Goddess of Death with the powers to control shadows, is hiding lots of secrets in the dark. As Saiden’s legionnaire partner, he would do everything to protect her—even if that means killing the queen she swore to protect to save her from a fate worse than death.

With friends and enemies becoming indistinguishable from each other, can these three individuals survive long enough to fulfill their destinies without losing those closest to them, or will their missions irreparably ruin them—and possibly the entire kingdom?

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