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Cover Reveal: The Storm Gathers

Author Maelan Holladay and I (Zara Hoffman) are so excited to share the cover for The Storm Gathers designed by Keylin Rivers. The Storm Gathers is a new adult epic fantasy where 3 powerful young women are left adrift at sea and must fight for their survival and change the world as they know it.


About the Book

book cover for The Legionnaire: a red-haired woman clad in leather holds two blades, a man wearing all black is on her right (viewer's left) and a woman in white is on her left (viewer's right); they are surrounded by a border of green vines and thorns with red leaves
Cover ©2024 Keylin Rivers of Fantasy Cover Design

One day, my dear daughter, you will destroy the world.

After being forced from her home five years ago, Alana Zaya has finally been given the opportunity to return and claim her rightful place on the Okaron throne. When her voyage is waylaid by pirates, she soon finds herself stranded at sea, surrounded by strangers harboring dark secrets. But hers are perhaps the darkest of all.

Across the world, Rae Toma is a warrior who can’t walk away from a fight. After years of using her skills to rebel against the regime that trained her, her treachery is revealed, forcing her to flee into the Shatter—a maze of islands that no one has ever returned from.

There, she finds Nur Del Sue, a Stormwitch on a mission to prove herself in a world determined to ignore her.

Forced from their homes, can these characters survive long enough to uncover the deadly mysteries at the heart of their world?

Preorder it & register your purchase to get 4 stickers designed by the author!


Maelan Holladay was born and raised in the bay area. She likes rock music, dragons, and stories about villains who conquer the world.

Currently, Maelan is pursuing a bachelor's degree in animal biology.

The Storm Gathers is her debut novel.

She will be going live later today for an interview at 1:00pm ET:


If you buy the hardback, there is also an exclusive bonus scene that will never be available anywhere else, so that's some extra motivation to splurge on a pretty hardcover over the eBook.

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