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Cover Reveal: The Devil's Waltz

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Author Jessi Elliott and I (Zara Hoffman) are so excited to share the cover for The Devil's Waltz designed by Keylin Rivers. The Devil's Waltz is a new adult paranormal romance where the daughter of powerful demon hunters is unwillingly pulled back into that dangerous world after a mysterious man saves her from a demon attack. Oh, and the "man" is actually the demon prince of hell.


About the Book

book cover for The Legionnaire: a red-haired woman clad in leather holds two blades, a man wearing all black is on her right (viewer's left) and a woman in white is on her left (viewer's right); they are surrounded by a border of green vines and thorns with red leaves
Cover ©2024 Keylin Rivers of Fantasy Cover Design

It's been five years since her sister was killed by a demon and Camille Morgan swore off the family business of demon hunting. Now a college sophomore, Cami is determined to get her degree and move far away from Seattle—and all things paranormal.

But when Cami becomes the target of a demon attack she’s convinced is a ploy by her parents to drag her back into training, the wildly charming and attractive Xander Kane comes to her rescue. Except her savior isn't a hunter. Or even human.

Xander is a demon, the alluring prince of hell, whose magnetic presence leaves Cami both captivated and conflicted, especially when she finds out he plans on using her to destroy the demon hunters once and for all.

Caught between her growing affection for Xander and her loyalty to her family, Cami struggles to make a decision that could shatter her and endanger the lives of those she loves.


Jessi Elliott is a paranormal romance author who lives in Ontario, Canada with her adorable calico cat, Phoebe. When she's not working on her next book, she likes to hang out with friends and family, get lost in a steamy romance novel, watch Friends, and drink coffee.

You can find Jessi on social media and join her newsletter to stay up to date on book news and upcoming releases!

The Devil's Waltz is her traditional publishing debut novel.

She'll be live later today for an interview at 5:00pm PT:


If you buy the hardback, there is also an exclusive bonus scene that will never be available anywhere else, so that's some extra motivation to splurge on a pretty hardcover over the eBook.

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