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Cover Reveal: Down The Well

Since February 9, 2023, Veronica King, and I have been bursting at the seams to share this cover designed by Keylin Rivers. Please join us in basking in the glory of Down The Well by Veronica, a young adult portal fantasy with Alice in Wonderland vibes and an intriguing murder mystery!


About the Book

book cover for The Legionnaire: a red-haired woman clad in leather holds two blades, a man wearing all black is on her right (viewer's left) and a woman in white is on her left (viewer's right); they are surrounded by a border of green vines and thorns with red leaves
Cover ©2023 Keylin Rivers of Fantasy Cover Design

Lore Deoradán wants to be happy when she grows up. But navigating her parents' mercurial moods, moving to a new town just two weeks before her high school graduation, and dealing with her beloved grandma's declining health all make that dream seemingly impossible. Will her new job be the first step toward happiness, or will it be yet another disappointment?

When she falls down a well into a magical world with talking animals that haven't seen a human for years, she must clear her name of the mayor's murder. Although, how anyone believes she killed a Herculean-sized alligator is beyond her. Now, her survival is tied to a mouse with a chip on her shoulder. There's also a cat who owns a pub where the animal patrons might be cannibals, a giant snake librarian who probably wants to eat her, and sentient lampposts who are never there when you need them.

Can Lore prove her innocence, help a newfound friend save the town from a dark and dangerous schemer, and find her way home?

Preorder it & register your purchase to get 4 stickers designed by the author!


Be sure to also check out the paperback cover:


Kelli Wright (Veronica's true name) has a deep imagination, and a sail filled with ambition for the sea of opportunity ahead. As a teen, Kelli loved consuming all media about far-off magical worlds. As an adult, she enjoys using her own spellbinding creativity to spin whimsical worlds and charming characters from thin air.

She calls the foothills of Appalachia home. When she isn't crafting a story, she enjoys kitchen witchery, reading to her young daughters, and playing video games with her spouse.

She will be going live later today for an interview at 5:30pm ET:


And, lastly, here is the hardcover's dust jacket.

If you buy the hardback, there is a slightly different cover under this, but we'll keep that a secret. But know that it's not just a different design but there's a special letter to the reader from the main character! There is also an exclusive bonus scene that will never be available anywhere else, so that's some extra motivation to splurge on a pretty hardcover over the paperback or eBook.

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