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Cover Reveal: 1,000 Words to Get Started

Authors Chandra Arthur, Natalie Locke, and I (Zara Hoffman) are so excited to share the cover for their flash fiction prompt book: 1,000 Words to Get Started. Inside, you'll find 101 writing prompts, 101 writing challenges, and 1000 word stickers to customize your creative experience.


About the Book

book cover for The Legionnaire: a red-haired woman clad in leather holds two blades, a man wearing all black is on her right (viewer's left) and a woman in white is on her left (viewer's right); they are surrounded by a border of green vines and thorns with red leaves
Cover ©2023 Mandi Lynn of Stone Ridge Books

The AuthorTubers behind the semimonthly "Flash Fiction Live" YouTube livestream series bring you 101 writing prompts, 101 writing challenges, and 1,000 sticker words to customize your experience—that's over 2 octillion combinations—to kick-start your creativity!

Spark your creativity with this writing journal that not only has prompts, but also challenges, and word stickers to make your creative journey even more interactive and customizable. Choose from 101 creative writing prompts, choose 10 words from 1,000 available stickers, and get writing. You can make it even more exciting by also selecting one of the 101 writing challenges. It's up to you!

Whether you're a newbie or pro at writing flash fiction, this book will help you take it to the next level!

Happy writing, and remember: the only rule is that each piece be less than 1,000 words!

Preorder it & register your purchase to get character art postcards!


Read more about Chandra

Read more about Natalie

We'll be live later today at 12:00pm ET:


If you preorder, you'll get an additional page of word stickers.

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