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Chewed Up & Spat Out

We are 60% through this rewrite and, due to unfortunate circumstances, that translates to me just writing one chapter this week. That was not the goal I set out to reach this week. Domestic life came in full swing and as I divided my week up to deep clean and do some fun activities with the girls earlier in the week! So I'll take you through a brief walkthrough of my week.

MONDAY: I was bit Sunday night and panicked thinking it was a bedbug, so in the wee hours of the morning started stripping bedding and taking apart everything in the bedroom. GOOD NEWS I had the lovely Chandra Arthur to keep me company as we co-worked AND no bed bugs, annoying news I still don't know what bit me.

TUESDAY: So, I spent another day co-working! This time with Zara Hoffman where I finished chapter 15 for this rewrite! and at the time I didn't know it but the narrator of my life was probably saying something along the lines of "She didn't know it yet, but that's all the writing she'll do this week."

WEDNESDAY: Had a wonderful morning catching up with Barrett Laurie and I'm convinced that if we had the whole 24 hours of a day to chat it still wouldn't be long enough. The afternoon was spent doing some fun art activities with the girls. Originally, that would mean Wednesday night I would start writing and keep chipping away words until Friday and reached my goal of hitting chapter 20.

HOWEVER, what happened was Wednesday left me so tired I was ready for an early night, and luckily the girls were too. For the first night, in what felt like months, both girls slept through the night, BUT at 3am I was awoken by a sudden sharp pain that started in my belly button and spread to my lower pelvis, so after trying everything I could at home I threw in the towel and my partner loaded up the girls and we headed to the ER. Long story short I was experiencing the pain of a ruptured ovarian cyst and after too much blood work for my liking, a CT scan, and hours in the ER I was finally discharged and prescribed some anti-narcotic pain meds, which have been lovely with dealing with the after inflammation. I'm at home and writing this today (Friday) and so far I have been able to have a much needed catch up with @breebuonomo & now plan on spending the afternoon writing this rewrite.

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!

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