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56% through this rewrite

Hallo writing babes,

In case I haven't said it enough on other social media platforms, I've signed my first book contract! and currently I am self-editing from alpha reading feedback before turning in the newest version to my publisher on or before our agreed-upon date.

There's so much I love about this version, and though it may not be the draft that goes to print I'd still like to talk about why this rewrite has been such a great experience for me thus far.

Since joining the writing community I have been told by a few close friends, who I felt comfortable enough to share my work with, that I have a great voice. I am not ashamed to admit that I didn't quite understand what they meant, but with taking in constructive feedback and really looking at the previous draft and debating which is the best lens for the story to be told through (which involved age changes, perspective changes, and big plot point changes) led to me uncovering what my voice is. Which means I've been able to step into my voice more and play with the storytelling style even more. This draft is something I'm so proud of, because it shows growth in my craft.

Every time I talk about Adventures in Thimbleton: Book One I get a smile on my face. This was the first novel I wrote 'the end' on, and I keep saying how special this book is to me every chance I get, but it being the book that I identified my writing voice with adds to the long list of why I love this series so much.

I like my writing voice, I think it's fun, and bubbly, and I think a lot of you will like it too! Or at least that's the hope haha.

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