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I am Inimitable


Welcome to Inimitable Books, LLC! Zara is so excited to have you on board and is honored you have chosen her to usher your book through the publication process.

You signed your contract! Now what?

You are more than welcome (even encouraged) to share on social media that you signed with Inimitable Books, LLC.

You can expect Zara's editorial notes within 2 months of signing. Then, depending on how much hands-on editing you'd like, you and Zara will have weekly work sessions, or you can merely send her an update on your revision and editing progress on a weekly basis by updating your project's Notion page (that Zara will create).

If you don't already know how to use, Zara would like you to learn and you can check out these tutorials. Be sure to email what email you use to sign up so she can share the project page you will be using to share and track your progress.

In order for Zara to pay you, you need to input your information into QuickBooks, so you will receive an email from QuickBooks within 48 hours of signing your contract. Your information remains private from Zara and is secure, encrypted in the QuickBooks system. 

If you are someone who likes to think of marketing ideas, be sure to write them down somewhere so you don't forget. After editing is done and Zara knows what the final story will be, she'll be thinking of marketing ideas as she formats your book, and is open to hearing an author's ideas.

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